Urvashi says....

I joined TopFit around 2 months ago with possibly the vaguest goal in mind: to feel good.

My sessions are tailored with a perfect blend of what I need and what I should strive for. It is in those sessions when I feel like I might collapse mid-way, but choose not to, that are a testament to how far I have come – how much stronger I am and how much better I feel about myself. I suddenly find myself more energised everyday, my clothes fitting better and most importantly, I feel great.

I very quickly realised that was the TopFit ethos: to challenge yourself to be the best you can be. Which is why when you’re doing lunges with a 20kg sandbag on your shoulders all the way down the track, a TopFit trainer or even a fellow ‘trainee’ is likely to cheer you along. The work-out environment is entirely conducive for you to grow; to push yourself. Which is why there’s no room for half-arsing it.

The trainers themselves have a fantastic inter-team rapport. They work together seamlessly in suggesting innovative workouts, new challenges and it makes you feel like they are personally invested in your development.

I write this as I am (so very) sore today, knowing I’ll be that much stronger tomorrow.



I started my personal training programme with head trainer Louis in May last year. I wanted a tailored programme in addition to my other activities of running, group workout and occasional hiking. Being the beginning of summer I wanted a programme that made me overall fitter and leaner. We measured all the relevant body composition values and Louis gave very valuable support in recommending the right diet alongside the programme. 

The TF12 was a real transformation for me – I lost some weight, dropped my body fat below 10% and got in proper beach shape within three months and 36 sessions. In other words, I got what I wanted and therefore continued to work with Louis to sustain the results over time.