4 weeks Summer Program

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With Summer round the corner, why not join TOPFIT to be Summer ready?

We have prepared for your a 4 weeks Summer Program so that you can achieve fat burning, strength building and increase mobility goals.

We will begin the program with an InBody session with our instructor, set your goal and also to provide dietary consultation for you. Then the next 4 weeks, you will be attending 3 group classes per week with a post-workout meal on us by our in-house cafe, TOPFIX. We will make it a protein packed and nutritious breakfast to help your body heal the micro-tears in the muscles!

Program details:

  • 12 x selected group classes

  • 12 x post-workout breakfast

  • 2 x Dietary consultation

  • 2 x InBody test

Contact us:

WhatsApp: +852 5962 7810
Telephone: +852 2877 9988
Email: info@top-fit.com