Pilates Allegro

Pilates is the perfect exercise for those that want to strengthen core muscles without bulking, improve flexibility, and correct poor posture.

Having gained global recognition, Pilates classes are now becoming more popular in gyms and fitness spaces like TOPFIT across Hong Kong. We offer a range of Pilates classes for all. Whether you are a beginner and completely new to Pilates or are experienced with the exercise, we welcome you to join our sessions at our fitness space in Central. Each multi-level class will work on your body's form and alignment, thus to improve overall body's strength and increase body's awareness.

Apart from these health benefits, Pilates is often adopted as an exercise to recover from injuries and rehabilitate their muscles. Our Pilates classes offer a systematic approach to isolating and training specific muscles, all whilst working towards a more holistic fitness approach.

Work towards your goal of a healthier physique and join our Pilates classes now! Browse our class schedule here.

The Allegro Pilates Reformer

Pilates can be done on a regular gym mat – but nothing beats an Allegro Pilates Reformer machine.

One of the most well-known and reputable Pilates machines, the Allegro Reformer consists of a frame and an adjustable bar connected to springs. It’s safety, quality, and ease of use is renowned amongst the Pilates community, and it is able to be customised depending on the type of exercise and the person using it. Our Pilates Allegro classes allow everyone to get the most out of their time.

Reformer Pilates is a great way to hone in on specific muscles and training regimes that can help you reach specific fitness goals or rehabilitate an injured muscle. Compared to mat-based Pilates, reformer Pilates is also much more effective and elongating your silhouette through an improved posture and better muscle activation.

Hong Kong’s premier fitness space

As Hong Kong’s leading fitness studio, we’ll help you reach all your fitness goals through efficient, enjoyable, and results-driven training sessions. Pilates Allegro is just one of the many classes we offer at our gym in Central – get in touch with us to learn more or browse our class details today. 


Practising with a Pilates reformer allows you to focus on correcting your posture. Come and move with us.

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