Our Barre workout class includes a wide range of Pilates and dance moves that are designed to tone and sculpt your body. During the class, you will be guided by our instructor to do a non-stop series of fast-paced and fat burning cardio exercises. The use of the mat, ball and the ballet bar, can help to stretch and strengthen your muscles even more. These exercises can all raise your heartbeat, break a sweat, flatten your abs and develop a better shape of your body.

Barre is not for the faint hearted, and motivation is key to finding success in this fitness program. Prepare yourself for your ultimate body transformation! Our barre class is the best in Hong Kong.

What is Barre Fit?

Barre is a type of group fitness training. Set within a gym or studio format, barre often takes the form of dance ballet. It is a hybrid of ballet, Pilates, yoga, and strength training workouts.

Barre fitness training is a proven method of significantly improving muscle strength and body posture. Above all, it acts as a good intermediary between contemporary cardiovascular activities such as dance and other more intense workout regimes.


This class will take you through all your favourite barre and Pilates exercises, with the added intensity of the Pilates ring. Squeezing on the ring uses the principle of iso-tension to engage many more muscle groups. Get results fast with these challenging, total body routines!

This total body Pilates ring workout will hit all your major muscle groups on the mat and standing at the barre. You will move from upper body to abs, then calves, thighs and seat. This one will definitely leave you sore the next day!


Barre Fit Cardio Advance is a ballet-inspired full-body workout that aims to boost flexibility whilst simultaneously creating long and lean muscles. Set to the rhythm of upbeat music. Similar to Barre Fit, this class has a lot more cardio workout, so be prepared to sweat.

*Grips socks are required for Barre Fit Class.

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