Reset/Restore your 7″ China 8650 Android Netbook

Android Netbook

Android Netbook

A friend of mine brought an android mini-laptop/netbook which is stuck on the Android Logo while booting.

You need to clear cache and hard reset it! So how do I proceed?

  1. Download the zip located @
  2. Unzip, you will get a file and a folder.
  3. Move them to the root of the SD-Card
  4. Insert SD Card
  5. Switch on netbook and you should see an upgrade screen.
  6. Wait for upgrade process to complete and remove SD-Card when asked to.

There you go! A freshly installed Android on your netbook :)

If you own a different android netbook, I suggest you visit XDA Developers Forum:


  • Khush

    Offtopic but :P
    I’m looking for a center which offers android as a course. But not just attendance certificate. Any ideas?

    • Yasir

      nope. There are no such centers for the time being. I know knowledge7 provides courses for android though

  • rkeen

    thankyou, your info was very helpful. I am now attempting to play videos from my 500 gig wd usb hard drive without any success so far. Do you have a fix for this?

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